About the Society
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About the Society

The Clan Phail Society in North America forms part of the international Clan Phail Society which was formed in 1993 and is headquartered in the United Kingdom. It is led by Mr. John Mackfall, a member of the Clan Chattan Council. This Council consists of the chiefs or family representatives of the various clans comprising Clan Chattan and is presided over by the hereditary Chief of Clan Chattan, Mr. John Mackintosh of Mackintosh. Both the International and North American Clan Phail Societies embrace those persons whose ancestral clan ties may have been to other clans than Clan Chattan or whose ties to Clan Chattan are unclear at this time.

The North American Society has recently been reorganized under new leadership. Seeing that there was no clan association or society in North America for persons either possessing a Clan Phail name or descending from someone with such a name, Joseph and Jean Macphail Broom contacted the Clan Chattan Association in Scotland to inquire how such an organization might be formed under the patronage of the Chief of Clan Chattan. In response to their query, the Brooms were contacted by Mr. Mackfall and invited to organize the North American branch of the international Clan Phail Society. A number of regional commissioners are now in place, and the Society is poised for growth and an exciting future.

Due to pressing commitments, co-founders, Joe & Jean MacPhail Broom turn the realm over to Bill McPhail. Bill McPhail has been a founding member since 1998. 

The three-fold purpose of the Clan Phail Society in North America is: First, To recognize the contributions of members of Clan Phail to the histories of Canada and the United States; Second, To gather and share genealogical and historical information relating to Clan Phail families; and, Third, To promote clan spirit and an appreciation of the Clan's Scottish Heritage and to participate fully in highland games and other Scottish cultural events throughout North America.


Becoming a Member

Membership in the Clan Phail Society in North America is open to (i) any individual bearing a surname of a Clan Phail family; (ii) any individual descended from someone who bore a Clan Phail surname; and (iii) any other individual who is interested in Clan Phail. All persons with an interest in Clan Phail surnames are invited to join the Society. Membership is not limited to those whose ancestors may have been affiliated to one or another larger clan or federation.

Membership dues are based on the calendar year and are U.S..$20 per year. Dues for Individuals joining after June 30th will be U.S. $10 for that calendar year. Alternatively, a person may pay the full annual dues in order to receive any Society periodicals that were published during that period. Dues cover membership in both the Clan Phail Society of North America and the international Clan Phail Society. Each member will receive a Clan Phail membership certificate suitable for framing, a newsletter which will be published by the North American society at least semi-annually and the annual journal published by the international society in the United Kingdom. As membership in the Society grows, it is anticipated that additional benefits will be offered. In the mean time, dues will be used to carry on the work of building up the Society throughout North America.